Joah Beauty - worth the hype?

K-Beauty has really taken the beauty community by storm lately huh? Some amazing products at a reasonable cost. It’s become such a trend the last few years and I’m just now diving into the world of Korean beauty products and attempting to navigate my way through. Tons and tons of skin care, so much that is can be overwhelming. Which ones actually work? It worked for her, why doesn’t it work for me? At the end of the day we are all different and we all react differently to different products. This is just my personal experience with Korean beauty makeup and my opinion. 

So let me take you back to 2 months ago. I came across a YouTube video from Tati Westbrook where she was reviewing a new drug store brand called Joah Beauty. I kind of half watched it while I made breakfast for my kiddos, mainly listening to her review. Never thought anything of it again. About 5 weeks later I’m just browsing around on my all time favorite site, Mercari and I see someone selling a Joah Beauty set of makeup that included a primer, foundation, liquid lip, and blush/bronzer palette. 

I remembered back to the Tati video and from what I remember, she had good things to say about the products. The foundation was my exact shade and all of it brand new for 14 bucks with free shipping?! Not to mention it was all so cutely packaged into an adorable little gift set.
Um, yes please.

I purchase, she ships, and a few days later it’s at my door. I knew immediately the lip shade wasn’t really my cup of tea, a tad on the dark berry side. No big deal, that’s what I have 6 daughters for.. to pass down makeup to. 

A couple nights later, after I feed, bathe and put kids to bed (basically the only time I’m able to do anything with my life without the haunting Baby Shark playing on repeat), I sat down at my makeup table, vanity, whatever you wanna call it, and prepared to try out these new exciting products. Now out of all the different types of makeup out there, my all time favorite to test different brands of is foundation. Don’t get me wrong, I’m just as obsessed with every other product, look in my makeup drawers you’ll see(ouch), but foundation is just my favorite. I have combination skin and literally 80% of foundations will oxidize on me before I can even get finished blending. It’s my cross to bear and over time I’ve had to tweak and change parts of my routine to get around it. Primer was a huge part. I noticed if I wore a foundation, wether it be a high end luxury 60 dollar bottle or a drug store 8 dollar bottle, way less oxidation and weirdness if I either wear no primer at all, or only use my Bobbi Brown face base. My free sample from Sephora has lasted me almost 2 months and I’m dreading having to purchase more, ugh. 
If anyone out there has any other primer secrets for oxidation prone skin, please let me know! I own about 15 different brands of primer from matte to poreless to dewy and it’s the only one I’ve found to work for me so far. 

But I digress.. so I start out with the first product in the box, which gives me hesitation and honestly scares me a little. Joah’s Glow Activator Radiance Primer. It has no smell (thank you Joah), feels very very oil based and is clear with what looks like tiny specks of shimmer. My nemesis.. shimmer. I shudder thinking about it. But okay cool let’s go. 
First thoughts, oh em gee guys, it made my face feel so amazingly soft and it wasn’t heavy feeling at all like I was assuming. My 6 year old described it as my face “feels like a cushion”. Good job kiddo.

It did make my hands super oily and weird feeling, no big deal, wash hands and let’s move on.

I went with using my BH Cosmetics flat tip foundation brush. My normal go to is a damp beauty sponge,but I had just got my new rose gold brush set in the mail from BH and wanted to try them out. 

Foundation color match: perfect. Application was smooth and easily blended. After sitting on for a few minutes it instantly was a beautiful balance between matte and dewy. I really was shocked. Zero oxidation, no creasing, nothing. Now granted, I was only 20 minutes into a wear test, but by first impressions I was actually thinking it might find it’s way into my daily makeup routine. Went with my old faithful shape tape concealer, then went on to try the Joah Be My Everything blush/bronze palette. Yes yes and yes. Loved it as well. It has these beautiful blush and bronze colors mixed into one brick and I was living for it. It looked amazing and blending seamlessly into my foundation. Finished off with some Steve Laurant jelly highlighter and an easy quick brown smokey eye with glossy lip.

Since it was already pretty late at night, I didn’t get to wear the products as long as I’d normally like to, but I did leave it on until I finally finished mom duties and washed my face for bed close to 1am. 

So from my 4 hour experience wearing it around the house while doing laundry, dishes, etc, it held up beautifully. No cracks or creases, and none of it moved around on me on my face. It was all sitting exactly where I had placed it hours before. So for a $10 foundation, $9 primer, and $14 blush/bronzer palette, I am pleasantly pleased with the results. Joah has some amazing products and needless to say, I am now anxiously awaiting my 3 shades of Joah Gel eyeliners, their concealer, and their Selfie Ready Pore Minimizing Primer. Can’t wait to try those new products, and I’ll let you guys know! A good gel eyeliner can be pretty hard to come by, so I’m hoping you don’t let me down Joah! 

I hope everyone has a beautiful week this week with less stress as possible and I’ll be back soon to post yet another review/opinion nobody asked for. Spread the love!
Products I used during this review:
-Joah Beauty Glow Activator Primer-Joah Beauty Truly Yours Foundation-Joah Beauty Be My Everything Blush/Bronzer-BH Cosmetics Signature Rose Gold Brush Set(These are not affiliate links, I get no compensation from these companies for these links)
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