Makeup & Beauty Shopping Hauls - Umm, yes please, I’ll take them all.

Helllllo and welcome back! I miss you all! And by “you all” I mean mom. Hi mom! I know you’re the only one here reading this
You the real MVP ma I love ya! Oh and btw, you’re probably gonna be the giveaway winner too mom so congrats in advance!🎉🍾
Who else looooves getting packages in the mail of a bundle of beauty products? 🙋‍♀️

Ahh.. one of my all time favorite things. You know, there really is only one bad thing about opening up all your new and fun stuff, looking over all your new & beautiful bright colorful makeup palettes, maybe a new highlighter, maybe a new hair product to try... that’s me, living my best life.
Gosh I’ve turned into such an old lady. 

Ok back to my point, the only bad thing about them is if you have nobody to share the joy and excitement with. Not a soul in my household would know what a new Morpe palette even meant. I might as well be speaking another language. I do have such an awesome time opening all the new things with my girls of course, we all sit around and oooh and ahhh after opening each box. (My oldest girl is 9, youngest is 2 ❤️) They love it just as much as I do. But as far as a friend to send pictures of it all to and we gush over it and discuss everything and just share the moment. I need one of those.
I do have 3 sisters, which aren’t really on the same makeup “addiction” level I’m on. They wouldn’t know the extent of how awesome it is to finally get that last box you needed to finish your collection of Jeffree Star Mini Velour Liquid Lipstick box sets. ðŸ˜ðŸ˜
Not that it’s a bad thing, it would just be fun to have someone to share that with. 

So... that brings us to this next blog entry. You’re going to be my BFF that I get to share my haul with! Yay! 
Is that pathetic and sad? Nah I think we’re still good. 

Okay so first! I did get a few new products in sample or deluxe sample sizes to try out. A couple of these are from monthly subscription boxes I receive, others are normally purchased from Sephora/Ulta. I do have a lot more packages I’ve ordered with even better exciting stuff coming in the next 3 and 4 days I’ll be sharing as well! 

Omg so can you believe Jaclyn Hill finally resurfaced? That video though.. phew. Although I am glad she came back and decided to speak directly with everyone, sadly it just feels like she kinda did it just to be able to ease back in because she has a new product to sell soon. Now that’s just my opinion of course so don’t come for me, but yeah my advice to her would be to not promote any new launches anytime soon. I personally love Jaclyn, I own a majority of her collaboration products as well as 5 of her lipsticks, and I use them every time I sit down and do makeup. I just think she’s made some terrible decisions, like ashumans we all do, but once it’s your own name and brand, you can’t really cut any corners there ya know. IMO, of course. If anyone does read this, let me know your thoughts on the JH “lipstick-gate” drama. 
My “Jaclyn Hill Drawer” in one of my makeup towers 😆
Okay! Anyway.. 
I finally made myself buy the sample box of Kat Von D’s Lock-It Concealer & Setting Powder. So many people for so long have just raves about these and I finally grabbed it to try out. Also the Ciate London Glow To Highlighter from Ipsy this month.. so excited to try. Was so glad when I heard it was coming in the July bag! don’t even want to know how many times I had to retake this over and over because of thereflective print on the packaging. Ugh, cmon iPhone XR you’re supposed to have this badass awesome camera, what happened bro?I guess that’s next on the list to buy.. a decent camera 😄The quality is also pretty bad because everyone is asleep so I’m all at my makeup table trying to take these pictures in the dark with just my ringlight on so I don’t wake Jason up 😂 He has to get up at 4:30am every morning for work, I try toalways let him get as much sleep as he needs. 

Next is just a restock of my Morphe eyelid primer and Morphe continuous setting mist. Those are 2 of my go-to staple products I’ve just always used. Boring.
Then I got the NYX Matte Finish Setting Spray! Quite a few people have been giving some pretty awesome reviews of it recently so I grabbed a bottle to try out! And then I got two different Joah “Make Her Gel-ous” Gel Eyeliners. I got one in purple and in Pearl Brown. I tried the brown this evening when I did some playing with makeup after getting the kiddos in bed.

Another new product I haven’t tried yet is Tatcha’s The Water Cream. I’ve been using The Deep Cleanse for almost 3 months now so I bought the moisturizer to add to the routine. I did go ahead and buy this one in full size even though it’s a new “try out” product. But it just seemed silly to pay over $20 for a tiny sample and the full size be $68. THE absolute best products of luxury skin care. I have a large and long list of amazing and affordable skin care products I use ona daily basis, but Tatcha.. it’s the one product I will splurge on because it does work as well as it says it does. Not to mention, it feels as if your entire face is getting a huge refreshing drink of water ❤️

Aw man how sad, that’s all I got in the mail today. Well dang, listing everything down on paper makes it seem like not as much huh? 
😆 It’s all good, I’m so so excited to try some new products, I’ll definitely have to keep you guys updated on how they perform and hold up!

Thank you so much for making it this far! If you enjoyed hanging out with me for a few minutes (trust me, I’m best in small doses) come back again - I usually post once or twice a week. I WILL make myself settle into a more strict routine in the near future, just finding my footing and my place here for now.

Spread the love always and remember to be kind as often as we can (unless you haven’t had your coffee yet and some jerk cuts you off on your morning commute to work. Then, and only then you’re allowed to be “un-kind”) 
Haha thanks for reading  
💋 xoxo 
*stay tuned for some snail slime updates!

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