Shopping Haul 2:A second look at all the crap I bought that I shouldn’t have spent money on.

Heyyyy guys! Welcome back! It’s always so amazing to have you all here. Today is another shopping haul.. I know, I know, I just posted one a couple days ago. And I fully intended to post a different topic tonight and then do the haul next week, blah blah blah but I was just so excited about everything I got, I had to share it with someone! I’ll be posting next week, a post that’s basically an “introduction” post. Where I’ll be introducing you to my beautiful awesome amazing wonderful kiddos and husband. 

Guys, I’m gonna be real with you, I cannot wait for school to start later this month. Summer vacation 2019 has definitely kicked my butt .. but it’s towards the end now and the kids are all getting cabin fever and it’s basically a hectic crazy circus around here 24/7. I’m literally counting down the days until August 15th 😂
I’m so overly exhausted, which I’m used to. Having 8 kids all under age 10, exhaustion becomes a personality trait and over time you just learn to live and function being tired, and it just comes with the territory. But this is a whole other level you guys. They have won, they have beat me fair and square, i surrendered about 4 days ago. I’m just too outnumbered, and at this point just keeping everyone alive from day to day seems to be a huge accomplishment. 

We did have a lot of fun tonight before they went to bed. I have my oldest niece spending the night tonight and she had never learned the card game B.S. before (shame on my sister for not teaching her this! Haha). This was the game my siblings and I played ALL the time when we were younger, so I taught mine a couple years back I believe it was. But anyway, we all sat around the table and my 4 oldest plus my niece all played 3 rounds of B.S. An hour filled with laughing and making jokes.. one of my favorite ways to spend quality time with the kids 😍 
Dang, that was a super long intro this time. I do have a tendency to ramble.. which is why I always tell people I’m best in small doses ☺️
But if you guys are still around and still reading, and interested in what I got today, then without further ado, here we go! 😘

Yay! So I had 9 packages come in the mail today! In my last haul blog I had mentioned I had more stuff coming in over the next few days so heres the stuff that came today. I have a couple more being delivered tomorrow, but they’re not that exciting. 
Fedex usually delivers sometime during the late mornings/early afternoons. Then the regular USPS mail comes everyday between 4-5pm. Our house is like one of the last stops on his route for the day, ugh. I had one box come from FedEx, the rest was USPS. I loaded the kids up around 11am to go run a bunch of errands I’ve been procrastinating and putting off all week. The bank, post office, small grocery store trip, etc. The usual boring adulting crap. We get back home close to 2:30pm and I am greeted by the oh so beautiful bright link Jeffree Star Cosmetics shipping box! 
So here’s what I got today in all of my packages that my husband doesn’t know about. Shh, nobody tell him anything. 

Okay, so the JSC box is my Nudes Vol 2. I’ve wanted this for SO long, so you can only imagine how excited I was that it was delivered a day sooner than what the tracking info said. For anyone who isn’t familiar with the brand and products, this is a box set of 8 Mini Velour Liquid Lipsticks all in nude shades. I love this set because it includes 2 brand new, never been released shades, Tasty & Top Shelf. This is also the collection that includes his boyfriend Nathan’s shade that he created himself, and appropriately named Nathan. 
This box retails for $52 on the JSC website! I’ll include links to all the products mentioned today at the bottom of the blog. None are affiliate links, just me trying to be helpful and kind ðŸ˜†

These are a couple of my normal staple every day products I just needed to restock. Boring. 
Just some OGX Argan & Moroccan Shampoo/Conditioner, I normally like to get the Moroccan Oil brand shampoo/condition but you know how it is, sometimes mommys on a budget and just cant be ballin like that. 
Also some 100% coconut oil from Shea Moisture. I like to use this on my feet after a shower, lather all over feet then put socks on and let it all soak in overnight. 
The Shea Moisture coconut oil Primer is a new product for me! I love every product I’ve ever tried from Shea Moisture so I decided to try this Primer out and see how well it works for me!  Then just a beauty blender. These can get expensive very quickly if you’re having to replace them frequently. An equally as good beauty sponge is the Face one from Real Techniques. I absolutely love their sponges, they work amazing and I own probably 3 dozen of them. But I do like to have just one beauty blender on hand just in case, and my old one was getting pretty worn out ðŸ˜† it literally probably had enough bacteria in it to last us all a lifetime. I spent $20 on it so I made sure I got my twenty bucks worth out of it. I think I had the last one for almost 4 months.. whoops.

And then we have the It Cosmetics CC Cream & sample size of the It Cosmetics Bye Bye Under-eye Full Coverage Concealer. I know I’m so late to the game, I’ve wanted to try these for so so so long, and I’m now finally getting around to trying their face products! Hopefully it lives up to the hype. I’m definitely a full coverage gal, but willing to try this out. It would be perfect for light makeup days or days that I have to put pants on and go outside. Here in Texas it is hot all year around, so this would be great for the extra hot days. 
I am a little worried about the CC Cream not being the right shade :/  They didn’t have many options of shades to choose from so I just got the one closest to my normal foundation color. 
Links will be at the bottom for price references!

Next is my small drug store bundle. This is another one that I’m so late on trying but have heard so many wonderful things about. The Maybelline Fit Me Foundation and Concealer! I only spent about 4/5 minutes testing shades in the store and I actually found a really decent match for me. I also grabbed a couple of the L.A. Colors Auto Lip Liners. Just 2 nude shades to try out and see if the work well with my Lippies from ColourPop that I wear all the time. As well as a black/brown shade eyeliner pencil too. I’m normally not a fan of a pencil, I’m more of a gel kinda gal, but for a dollar, figured I could give it a shot.
Then we have the blush quad from Elf Cosmetics and another blush from Wet N Wild.  They are all beautiful color shades so I definitely can’t wait to try these out! 
I grabbed these in hopes of finding the shade I prefer for blush. I’m not a fan of super bright pinks or even mauves. I also don’t like too much sparkly shimmer in blush. I’ve tried so many different blushes, from luxury high end to drug store and have still yet to find one I absolutely love and want to add to my makeup routine. If anyone has suggestions, let me know! I’m always down to try any new products 😜

I did get some false lashes from BH Cosmetics. I’ve purchased many many many things from this company, but this is a first for lashes. They have good reviews and at only 3 bucks a pair, not much risk there. So I’m excited to try these as well, I just picked 2 pair that are pretty basic. Nothing glam or dramatic. Style N-101 and M-201.

Last but definitely not least.. my Laura Mercier translucent setting powder! Oh how I love this product. I will probably never stop buying this. I went through the sample sized one so quickly because I loved it so much, I had to get the full size! Such a wonderful product and formula all around.

And that’s everything I got for today guys! As always, thank you so so much for being here and if you’ve made it this far, then let’s be BFFs!! You can click each link to follow on IG & Twitter! Love you all bunches, don’t forget to spread the love no matter where you go!


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