Life happened! But I’m still alive.

I missed the last two, or eight posts.. but hey, I have 8 kiddos all under age 11, a household to run, and the last month has been hectic to say the least.
No excuses! But yeah those are my excuses.. hah!

If you’re new here, WELCOME! Would love for you to subscribe to my blog and be updated anytime I post a new one! I promise not to spam you guys either. Don’t you hate that? Yeah sure lemme sign up, one week and 1700 thousand emails later you start regretting all your life decisions. Mine won’t be that, cool? Cool. I also have my other social media’s posted at the bottom as well if you prefer one site over the other <3

Okay, so back to me begging for your forgiveness and maybe getting some sympathy from you because my life is just sooo hard and chaotic. 
Note that sarcasm please šŸ˜›
My husband had to leave for work out of town 3.5 weeks ago, we’ve had 3 kids birthdays in the past month, school started, I now have SEVEN in school (yay me!), and I am FINALLY getting settled into our new routine. Plus doing it all on my own since he gets to run and hide out of town and work (haha). 
So like I said, life has been happening but I’ve still been working these last few weeks on my next beauty blog post that should be done by the end of next week. I’ll be reviewing multiple online subscription boxes. Basically just giving me an excuse to go and subscribe to a ridiculously huge amount of boxes and then justify it by saying “it’s for the blog”. At this point I can’t even remember how many I ordered.. FabFitFun, also the FFF starter box, BoxyCharm, Birchbox, Birchbox for men, Dollar Shave Club, Glossy Box, Look Fantastic Beauty Box, Allure Beauty Box...
those are the ones I can remember off the top of my head. And that’s only because I’ve seen them when scrolling through my email daily. So this should be interesting. Most of these I’ve subscribed to in the past, so I chose mainly ones I know are a good or decent value and  have good products, then I also threw in a few new ones I’ve never tried before too! I’m super excited about this one, it always feels like waiting for Christmas to come! And at the same time, I know myself all too well.. I’m not sure how much will power I’ll be able to muster up and let the boxes stack up and not open them immediately as they arrive. Let’s practice some patience and self control here Kim, just remember that’s why you ended up a string out junkie because you didn’t know when to stop okay? Just me? Okay cool šŸ˜†

Thank you to my mother and to my husband for being my loyal number one fans and still here reading my posts and supporting me no matter what! Love each and every one of you that are reading these words right now! And I mean that in the most genuine and sincere way.. I'm so so grateful. Like I’ve said in a previous post, if I can make even just one new friend from this endeavor in my life, then I’ll have accomplished what I set out to do. Just looking for others with similar interests to be able to share this part of my life with! 
As always, spread the love! 

Let’s be BFFs!!
If life is happening and I haven’t posted here, there will always be updates and posts across my other social media! 

**The Addict Diaries Vol 3 will also be posted this weekend as well! Thanks to everyone for the patience and kind words! Cannot even explain how much I love you guys! 

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