My Thrive Le-Vel Experience (so far)

Well, hello all you beautiful people! And by people, I mean mom & husband. We all know they’re the only ones here reading this lmao
Love you guys too much!

I began this Thrive thing with a 3 day sample I received in the mail from a very sweet lady I had met on Poshmark. (Shout out to Shannon, you the real mvp!)  It came in the afternoon a few days after meeting her, so I waited until the next morning to start. I had heard so many great stories and I too, being a mom of 8, could definitely use all the energy and mental clarity I could get. Although it took me almost 10 months to finally agree to try it, me being such a skeptic and all. 

Day 1 / (10-31-2019)

Woke up in a rush per usual, threw some clothes I dug out of the dryer at the kids, and as I’m running around helping half of them find their other shoe, I quickly took my first 2 capsules.
Shoes, check.Girls’ hair done, check.
As they’re grabbing backpacks I mix my shake together and drink it down and as I’m pulling out of the driveway, I apply the DFT patch to my left upper arm. I get back home 20 mins later to wake my son up to get ready for junior high..

*Already I notice I’m more alert than normal for 730am..

Get him up and ready and off to school. My drive home from the last drop off there’s always this huge relief feeling. Like I can finally take a breath and slow down because I survived yet another morning - everyone is alive and at school on time (well barely, most of the time).  

*I did feel a lot better through the day & got a lot of stuff done. Still took my after lunch nap with the baby though lol

Now the next 2 days went about the same. I did want to hurry and get an order in because I didn’t want to have too much gap in between the ending of my “mini experience” & order shipment times. I’ll save you the details of the crazy experience as to how I actually got my first months supply of products... but of course if it’s gonna happen to anyone, it’s gonna be me hahah.

-Let’s jump up a little, the days in between progressively got a little better each day until we fast forward to... 

Day 6 / (11-5-2019)

I was up bright & early this morning. An hour before my alarm. -yeah I was just as shocked as you- Not only was I up early and felt great, but I was also extremely rested. Been having the best sleep of my life, literally. I took my 2 capsules, went into my office and caught up on some shipping I needed to do, packed up a few boxes and labeled them. In this time, husbands alarm goes off, 5:15am. He lets me know how nice it was we were both up together, not rushed, just chatting and getting ready together. On this day, instead of his normal morning coffee, he asks if I have any of “that stuff” for him to try too. I was super excited! I can’t even get this man to take a Tylenol during a headache, much less get him to try an entire morning 3 step routine.. but he said that he’s noticed such a positive difference in me, that he wanted to try Thrive also.. so I hooked him up, gave him the run down & as he’s out the door..  I remind him to drink lots of water. Great day! Even my kiddos made comments about how we made it to school before the doors even opened lmao. Awesome.

Days 7 & 8 (11/6 & 11/7)

Wednesday and Thursday both went similar to Tuesday (day 6). Husband and I both up getting ready together before the alarm for kids went off. We both doing our morning Thrive routine together, him no longer drinking him 2/3 cups of coffee by 10am and Monster energy drinks through the afternoons; and me no longer having my 3-4 Red Bull’s during the day just to make it through. Both getting so much done every day & even treating each other better in our relationship. He’s loving it as much as I am... as wife and mommy it’s just such a satisfying and a genuinely good feeling knowing him and I are bettering ourselves & finally taking accountability. It feels good. 

*Even the teachers at the school drop off line even making comments like “wow y’all are super early this week!”... they’re so used to me flying into the parking lot with 30 seconds to spare until the bell rings.

Day 9 / 11-08-2019

We’ve all now settled into the new routine, everybody’s doing great and everybody’s happy. Kids are absolutely loving mom and dads new attitudes, and nothing on this earth warms my heart more than knowing our babies are getting all of us.

It’s so easy to get slumped and stuck in the rut of day to day life, those feelings of guilt laying down at night replaying the day in your head, knowing you should have maybe spent a little more time helping this kid with that..

or wishing you would have given this kid your ear longer than you did.. questioning if you’re doing this parenting thing right and your anxiety telling you that you’re failing as a parent. We all have these thoughts and I’m extremely grateful for this change we have made in our lives. Husband and I being so much nicer to each other, and we’re actually making time for the important things. In turn, the overall mood of the household has shifted. Almost like we picked up our house and just gave it a little shake haha.

So as we continue our Thrive journey, I’ll post intermittent updates on how things progress as go forward. Oh, and my mom has also started her journey and loving it as well haha!

...and ohemgee how adorable are the animal print DFTs?! 

**if you’re interested in more info or have any questions about Thrive, you can find it here:

Click here & make you FREE Thrive account!

..or you can send me a comment/message!

As always, spread the love!! 

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