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Putting Snail Slime On My Face For 30 Days! + JULY TARTE GIVEAWAY!!

Let me start out by saying thank you to everyone here reading! Having 8 kiddos all under age 10 and school starting in a couple of weeks... phew, I’m exhausted 24/7. We have 7 of them going into school this year! So while it’s super exciting, it’s also super stressful trying to make sure everyone has what they need. I’ll definitely have to make a post soon introducing you guys to my crew! ❤️
Okay, so who has tried this?
Throughout all of my research on K-Beauty and Korean inspired beauty, I’ve heard and read so many wonderful and beneficial things on this snail slime, AKA Snail Mucin, trend. I’m normally not one to really follow trends, or get caught up in the hype of things, but this.. I gotta try. Research states that the slime that snails leave behind have so many beneficial ingredients. Hyaluronic acid, glycolic acid, protein, elastin, and more. This slime helps protect snails from the environment, bacteria, abrasions, etc. So naturally, us humans decided to put it on our faces. 

My first blog as a beauty guru?

A question I had to ask myself.. am I an influencer? Honestly my answer would immedately be no, nope, not even close. Instead of allowing my anxiety, fear, and self loathing to guide all of my life decisions, I am choosing to move out of my comfort zone and put everything into this blog. I am so far from a beauty guru that it’s not even funny, but my driving passion in life has always been all things makeup, beauty and skincare.. and writing. Granted, I’ve been pretty busy this past decade giving birth and raising 8 (yes, 8) tiny human beings.. so I haven’t had much time for anything besides bottles, diapers, and time outs. So I’m pretty rusty in all the above categories.   But that’s okay, because today is the day. Today is the day I branch out beyond just being “mommy” and do something I enjoy. Beauty and writing.
I never would have thought in a million years I’d be someone attempting to give others advice and tips on makeup. Believe me, I’m basically more of a man than my husband some…