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Shopping Haul 2:A second look at all the crap I bought that I shouldn’t have spent money on.

Heyyyy guys! Welcome back! It’s always so amazing to have you all here. Today is another shopping haul.. I know, I know, I just posted one a couple days ago. And I fully intended to post a different topic tonight and then do the haul next week, blah blah blah but I was just so excited about everything I got, I had to share it with someone! I’ll be posting next week, a post that’s basically an “introduction” post. Where I’ll be introducing you to my beautiful awesome amazing wonderful kiddos and husband. 
Guys, I’m gonna be real with you, I cannot wait for school to start later this month. Summer vacation 2019 has definitely kicked my butt .. but it’s towards the end now and the kids are all getting cabin fever and it’s basically a hectic crazy circus around here 24/7. I’m literally counting down the days until August 15th 😂 I’m so overly exhausted, which I’m used to. Having 8 kids all under age 10, exhaustion becomes a personality trait and over time you just learn to live and function…