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My Thrive Le-Vel Experience (so far)

Well, hello all you beautiful people! And by people, I mean mom & husband. We all know they’re the only ones here reading this lmao
Love you guys too much!

I began this Thrive thing with a 3 day sample I received in the mail from a very sweet lady I had met on Poshmark. (Shout out to Shannon, you the real mvp!)  It came in the afternoon a few days after meeting her, so I waited until the next morning to start. I had heard so many great stories and I too, being a mom of 8, could definitely use all the energy and mental clarity I could get. Although it took me almost 10 months to finally agree to try it, me being such a skeptic and all. 

Day 1 / (10-31-2019)
Woke up in a rush per usual, threw some clothes I dug out of the dryer at the kids, and as I’m running around helping half of them find their other shoe, I quickly took my first 2 capsules.
Shoes, check.Girls’ hair done, check.
As they’re grabbing backpacks I mix my shake together and drink it down and as I’m pulling out of the drivew…