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4 Steps To Fit In Those Jeans For Under 25 Minutes a Day!

Nobody wants to be “sold” anything. So many products & companies that so many of us have dumped money into only for it to not work. Those are a couple of reasons why I said no for almost 11 months.

I was having one of the worst days.. all 8 kids were acting possessed by demons, my house looked like a category 27 hurricane, I had been decorating ALL day for a Halloween party for the kids after school, and also babysitting my 6 month old nephew (who you have to hold the entire time). Husband walks in the door in the midst of this chaos and so boldly makes a snarky comment about his clothes not being washed before he got home. Yeah, surprisingly he’s still alive today.I was just done. 
That night after everyone was asleep I’m googling & searching online and I come across yet another Thrive post. Found my way to a resale site and stumbled upon a super nice lady who offered to send me a free 3 day sample. The rest is history. I can’t even begin to tell you how great I felt. And that …